Gaa Koory

Gaa Koory International is a secular and non-religious Private School from Niger, offering an international and multilingual education curriculum from Kindergarden / Infant school to 7th grade.

Our school has been founded to address a specific demand for a steady curriculum blending local cultures and languages to international quality instruction in French and English. Please refer to the equivalence table for a comparison of systems from Niger, France, UK and USA.

  • French
  • English
  • Zarma / Hausa / Tamachek / Fulfude
  • Arabic / Korean / Japanese

Our partners

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Cambridge English

Cambridge English

In order to prepare the children for the different Cambridge English Qualifications related to their respective levels, all those language classes starting form Nursery/Kindergarden shall be delivered using Cambridge English material.

  • All exam fees shall be supported by the families (please contact the school for any further information)

NGO A2, Afro-Asian Arts & Cultures

Young NGO from Niger, founded on the Yin-Yang balance between body and mind, as reminded by the famous line « Mens sana in corpore sano » (a healthy mind in a healthy body).

  • Promotion of African & Asian knowledge and know-how
  • Organization of diverse events around African & Asian Arts and Cultures
  • Setting up of cultural networks, in Niger and abroad
  • Inclusion of currently inexistent expertise in sub-Saharan Africa : Hapkimudo & Taiko


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